Upcoming Events

. March 14, 10am:
IHMSA Air Pistol Shoot 10:30am-3:30pm

April 7, 6pm:
Clinton Cty 4-H 6pm-8pm

April 11, 10am:
IHSMA Air Pistol Shoot 10:30am-3:30pm

April 21, 6pm:
Clinton Cty 4-H 6pm-8pm

May 5, 6pm:
Clinton Cty 4-H 6pm-8pm

May 19, 6pm:
Clinton Cty 4-H 6pm-8pm

June 2, 6pm:
Clinton Cty 4-H 6pm-8pm

June 30, 5pm:
Clinton Cty 4-H 5pm-8pm (pitch in)

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Members can renew for $100 for one year and it includes spouses and all members of the immediate family under 18 years of age. Memberships are good for one year from the last day of the month purchased and must be renewed within 30 days from expiring to continue to be a club member. Memberships can be purchased at the club house any Wednesday and Saturday between 10am and 4pm. We are closed on Holidays.

We began accepting new members again after we capped our membership fall of 2016. Each month after our membership meeting (the first Monday of the month) we will announce on our Facebook page how many new memberships we have available each month. We sell new memberships on first come first serve basis only.

All new members and renewing members will be required to watch a safety video, provide drivers license, and orientation. We accept cash or check only.

Guest Passes

Bona fide members of the Linden Conservation Club may purchase a one-day pass for $5 that may be used by non-members on the date they are purchased and is specified on the pass in the company of a LCC member. Guests must be with the member that purchased the pass at all times. Members can have three guests a day only! The guests must complete the guest pass on arrival to the club! Guest passes are available in a glass cabinet under the club house porch.

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