Upcoming Events

July 29, 7pm:
Executive Board Meeting

August 3, 10am:
Defensive Shotgun Level 1(50 yard range 1pm - 5pm) by Len Halascsak

August 5, 7pm:
Membership Meeting

August 21, 6pm:
Youth/Instructional Trap Shoot (6:30pm - 8:00pm)

August 24, 9am:
Full Auto Play Day 9am-4pm

August 24, 10am:
NRA Basic Pistol Class (25 yard range 3pm to 6pm) by Len Halascsak

August 26, 7pm:
Executive Board Meeting

August 31, 10am:
NRA Personal Protection in the Home Class (25 yard range 3pm - 6pm) by Len Halascsak

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Dear Shooting Friends;

A big thank you for your support goes to all registered shooters and volunteers over the past five years with our NSCA registered shoots here at Linden Conservation Club!

Our shooters have not only traveled hours within Indiana, but have also traveled here from Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Thank you for making the trip to LCC!

Over the past five years we have thrown over 150,000 targets registered targets with the NSCA registered shoots LCC hosted!

In 2015 we went with iClays for our registered shoots for the convienance of our shooters and ease with paperwork. Just as a reminder we do not accept credit cards we are cash or check only.

We look forward to your return! We appreciate your support and fellowship. You are always a friend at LCC!


Linden Conservation Club

Indiana Sporting Clays.com


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