Upcoming Events

April 18, 9am:
Tippe 4-H Air Pistol (Indoor Pellet Range)

April 19, 9am:
Club Work Day

April 21, 7pm:
Tippe 4-H

April 25, 8am:
Full Auto Play Day (50 Yard Range)

April 27, 7pm:
Executive Committee Meeting

April 29, 5pm:
Clinton 4-H

May 4, 7pm:
Membership Meeting

May 5, 7pm:
Tippe 4-H

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Announcement - dated 04/14/2015

  • Clubhouse

      Welcome to Linden Conservation Club

      We have outdoor activities for the whole family! If you are looking for a place to shoot archery, go fishing or camping, or go shooting then you need to come out and look us over. We are a Members Only club. Visitors are invited for a guided tour and need to report to the clubhouse upon arrival. The clubhouse is open Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (Club House closed on holidays)

      We have two low-powered pistol and .22 caliber rifle ranges at 25 yards; one rifle, pistol, and shotgun range at 50 yards; one rifle, pistol, shotgun and black powder at 100 yards; 10 station sporting clay's, one archery range, area for primitive camping,and three ponds for fishing.

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